bamboo furniture for a better future... 

                                                      ...and yes, our products will last until the future.

Durability, beauty, workmanship, environmentally-friendly; all traits of Buglas Bamboo Institute products.


We would love to introduce you to the modern world of bamboo!

Bamboo has received enormous attention within the last decade as an alternative material for construction, interiors, furniture, and other special manufacturing items. As carbon trade has globally become an incentive for planting renewable resources, bamboo has achieved additional value. Bamboo minimizes carbon dioxide gases and generates up to 35% more oxygen than equivalent stand of trees, so the scientific fact related to the green house effect and its consequences to climate change.

Buglas Bamboo, located in Dauin, Negros Oriental, Philippines, is already aware about these facts since 1995. Buglas Bamboo is exemplary by showing the long process of advocating the sustainable idea of bamboo for social, environmental and economic progress for the rural population. The initial idea was to help farmers get additional income by semi-industrial development in a remote area. Farmers should have learnt to use bamboo as a resource; a whole bamboo pole should be used in its entirety.

Nowadays, Buglas Bamboo has evolved from an institute to an enterprise. The team around Cesar, Kid,  Jobert, and the 15 craftsmen provide solid range of well designed and durable products made of bamboo. The technical skills and specific knowledge on various bamboo species is the unique selling point.  They have undergone the transformation process into a profitable enterprise - a business that provides stable livelihood for the workers and employees and increase their technical skills for market relevant products; a business that promotes the environmental potential of bamboo as a renewable resource to create more markets.

Buglas Bamboo is a synonym for green products. Buglas traces the entire supply chain and complies with market requirements and sustainability standards (quality, health & safety, environment, and social issues). We match the demand of markets, the domestic as well as the export. Next to the Philippine centre of design in Cebu we are updated about design trends. Come along and have a look.

We would love to introduce you to the modern world of bamboo!